Sheet metal  processing and cutting




Superficial Treatment

Superficial Treatment

Weld inspection

Weld inspection

transformacion chapa

TALLERES ALOT, S.L. has developed its sheet metal processing section intended to be independent of their suppliers to increase while the panel customers. Thus, not only self-supply we needed for the boiler material, but we are able to supply intermediate products such as pieces of cut, folded or curved in materials such as carbon steel S275JR, S355J2 + N, anti wear (400Br), high elastic limit and even stainless.


laser treatment

The dimensions of the table 3mx14m can cut pieces of large lengths and up to 20mm thick with a high level of precision.


plate processing

Plasma, oxycutting and machining until 100mm


fold treatment

A folding 4m to 6m 300Tn and another to 450Tn


bent traetment

3m roller length to thickness 25mm


welding traetment

The CNC machine with maximum dimension of piece 500x800 mm


Our section of boilerworks is divided in two parts:

A good traditional boiler making for the manufacture of prototypes or single parts to 60Tn and boiler of small and medium series.

Manual welding -> 5 seats welders with semiautomatic machines pulsed arc welding Robot -> reduces the price per piece in important series

Robot 16m in length with ø3m turn for parts up to 3 tons. It has an positioning up to 360ºfor pieces of ø3.5m and up to 5 tons.

Robot 6 m in length with two places of jobs and up to 1500kg

STABILIZED BY VIBRATION as cheaper alternative, but it is as effective as heat stabilized, for eliminate welding stresses before machining.

Boilerworks in zaragoza
Boilerworks talleres alot


Machining section is a complement to our primary business, in order to find all the procedures for any subset welded.

In recent years, it has improved the quality of our machinery with the acquisition of CNC machines (milling machines, machining centers ...) with which we offer our customers a product fully developed.

Machining in zaragoza
Superficial treatment

Superficial treatment

For the manufacture of a product ready for assembly, couldn’t miss the finishes such as painting, galvanized or zinc plated. Our responsible will take charge to integrate the differents parts in the manufacturing processes and ensure that customer requirements are met.

Weld Inspection

Weld Inspection

Weld inspection by accredited external agencies: control magnetic particles, x-rays and ultrasounds.